Since 1967, when Dr. Yulin Wang established the HungKuang Vocational School of Nursing, the Department of Medicine and Nursing has been part of the school’s foundation. In 2003, the school was renamed HungKuang University of Technology, and in 2004 the College of Medicine and Nursing was established. In 2017, with the development of healthcare as the core, the College of Medical and Health Care(CMHC) is established under the goal of cultivating health care talents, strengthening research and development of industry and academia, and deep plowing biomedical, health and welfare industries.

The CMHC has six departments, three graduate programs, and one stand-alone bachelor program: Department of Physical Therapy, Institute of Biomedical Nutrition, Department of Nutrition, Department (Graduate Program) of Biotechnology, Bachelor Degree Program in Animal Healthcare, Department of Language Pathology and Audiology, Department (Graduate Program) of Senior Citizen Welfare and Long-term Care Business, Department (Graduate Program) of Health Business Administration.

There are currently 81 full-time faculty members with a student body of about 2,640. The CMHC offers four-year daytime and nighttime undergraduate programs, graduate program, and work-study graduate programs. The college aims to develop physical therapists, nutritionists, biopharmaceutical and healthcare professionals, animal caregivers and pet grooming professionals.

Students strengthen practical competency through internship at hospitals, nutrition related business, bio pharmaceutical companies and overseas international institutions in the United States, Japan, Malaysia, etc. and learn about athletic training, long-term care, assistive products for foot, natural products as assistive alternative medicine, senior citizen social workers, long-term business administration, pharmaceutical and cosmetic business, medical equipment, entry to medium level health business management. This college offers National Certification and Examination Site for Level B and C technicians for Chinese Cuisine, Level C technician for Pet Groomer.

The educational goals of the college are to

1. Strengthen students’ humanistic quality and health care,

2. Lay the foundation of students’ medical and health care knowledge,

3. Cultivate medical and health application professionals with both theory and practice.