The College of Medical and Health Care is as the base of HungKuang University identity.  HungKuang has developed programs in nursing, basic medicine, physical therapy, biotechnology, and nutrition around the axis of “promoting health and medical care.”  In 2017, with the development of healthcare as the core, the College of Medical and Health Care is established under the goal of cultivating health care talents, strengthening research and development of industry and academia, and deep plowing biomedical, health and welfare industries. Building upon these programs, the college seeks to train conscientious health care professionals and break new ground in the academic study of biotechnology.  In order to achieve these goals, the college has sought out researchers who have integrated multiple areas of medicine and health care and has emphasized cooperation with areas of clinical medicine.

The College of Medical and Health Care seeks to establish itself as the premier college of its kind in the country. The college is currently engaged in a variety of projects such as: developing long-term healthcare programs, natural healthcare products, medical technological instruments. The college will be able to make a name in the international arena based on strengthening the functions of departments and international exchange activities.

In line with the overall development plan of the school, the college has formulated the following three main specific development goals:

1. Construct health care courses and education that meets the needs of the new era

2. Promote medical health research that emphasizes both breadth and depth

3. Actively participate in social services and lead the industry to break new ground

The following five development strategies have been formulated:

1. Implement character education and cultivate the spirit of volunteering

2. Elaborate quality courses and learning environment

3. Enhance the research capabilities and resources of teachers and students

4. Enhance industrial service and industry-university cooperation

5. Enhance overseas exchange activities and increase the visibility of the college