Chia-Ching Tom Lin  Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Senior Citizen Welfare and Long-term Care Business (Master Program)

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Dean’s Welcome

Welcome! Thank you for exploring Hungkuang University’s College of Medical and Health Care(CMHC). We are passionate about providing professional preparation programs in allied health services to improve the quality of life and enhance the human condition in our community as well as around the world.  If you are interested and you are determined to make an impact on people’s health around you, then we can be your best fit.


As a professional and interdisciplinary college housed within a premier university, we are committed to providing superior teaching, personal mentoring, hands-on real world professional practice, and interprofessional learning environment that prepare our students to be competent to their chosen professions. The CMHC offers undergraduate degrees in Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, Senior Citizen Welfare and, Health Business Administration, and Animal Healthcare and master degrees in Biomedical Nutrition, Health Business Adminstration and Long-term Care Business. Our professional license passing rates are among the best of the country. You will be prepared wherever you choose to excel in your chosen career.


We are here to help turn student’s dreams into reality.  As teachers, mentors, and scientists, we personally invest in student’s success. Please explore our website to learn more! If you have any questions and/or need assistance, please contact each department’s main office or my office directly. My office phone number is +886-426318652 ext. 5580.


Best wishes to your academic and career success!





Chia-Ching Tom Lin  Ph.D.