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Basic Data
NameWan-Ting Lin / 林琬婷
Telephone number04-26318652轉5581
Job title組員
ResponsibilitiesMember Wan-Ting Lin
Work assignment:
1. Arrange to convene the in-house executive board meeting, the college affairs council, the college teacher review meeting, the college curriculum meeting, the college examination meeting; meeting contact and write the meeting minutes
2. Handling the external auditing of the papers for the appointment and promotion of teachers in the college
3. Handling the presentation of academic achievements for the teachers in the college
4. Handling the student research project contest in the college
5. Handling the selection of outstanding alumni in the college
6. Handling the selection of distinguished teachers in the college
7. Handling the selection of teacher's teaching material award in the college
8. Handling the selection of teacher's teaching aid award in the college
9. Handling the selection of flexible salary application for teachers in the college
10. Handling the selection of various committees in the college
11. Handling the recommendation process of excellent journals in the college
12. Produce in-house overall development funding concept project and presentation
13. Produce in-house school development plan
14. Write in-house annual report
15. Write in-house character education plan
16. Execution of the teaching excellence plan
17. Execution of QCC (quality control circle)
18. Web page construction, update, and maintenance
19. Assist teachers to evaluate the candidates of excellent teachers
20. Assist in all types of audit operations
21. Assist and hold seminars, speeches, etc.
22. Assist the inspection of school's affairs database
23. Assist in school evaluation
24. Assist in the planning and implementation of the college budget; compilation of various funds and management of income and expenditure
25. Assist in application of booking venue
26. Procurement and custody of college property
27. Process the official documents of college registration and the letters within and outside the school.
28. Cooperate with the administrative units for the required information and collect the information of the departments in the college.
29. Communication, coordination, and contact of the affiliate units in the college
30. Process matters assigned by supervisor

Extension number: 04-26318652 #5581
Office location: M201
Substitute Staff:Dean and college administration staff in each department
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